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Tuesday    9:30am – 2:00pm
Thursday  9:30am – 7:00pm
Online Mon 11am-8pm • Wed 11am-8pm
** After hours appointments available

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Clinic suite located at Chiropractic Connection
5  St. Catherines Ct, Mornington, Victoria 3931


In Clinic Tues: 9:30am - 2pm & Thur: 9:30am - 7pm

03 5977 2000

5 St. Catherines Ct, Mornington, Victoria 3931

Naturopathic Services - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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Naturopathic Services

Keeping it simple

Initial Consultation – 1 hour

Consultation includes presenting symptom/s discussion, previous medical history, diet analysis, pathology interpretation and lifestyle factor analysis.

Your investment – $150

Your benefit – completely personalised analysis of your current state of health.

We begin looking at the cause of your symptoms, interpret previous medical issues and begin planning your health goals- they could be short term or long term and we will have some clarity as to where we can start today. A personalised herbal formula or nutritional supplements can be discussed at this time. Further case analysis is done on your file behind the scenes including consolidation of treatment strategy and/or a report of findings, as well as any further suggested testing.

Standard Consultation – 30 minutes

Standard consultations are available once the initial case forms have been taken. During any standard appointments, we consolidate our treatment outcomes, assess further testing and answer any questions.
These appointments are also useful for accountability, measuring our success and creating new strategies.

Your investment – $90

Your benefit – personalised health care, tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle

Standard consultations may or may not include prescriptions for herbs or nutritional supplements. Discussion of your treatment protocol, report of findings and any pathology reports are analysed to create a personalised analysis of your current state of health.

Acute Consultation* – 15 minutes

This is for an acute infection or flair up, including but not limited to colds, hayfever, gastroenteritis, muscle or back pain or ear infections to name a few.

Your investment – $45

Your benefit – these consultations are quick

An assessment is made and a protocol is designed. *Only for existing clients who have undergone an initial consultation. Some herbs are contraindicated with certain medication or in some existing pathologies, this would already be thoroughly ascertained in an initial consultation.

Evidence based Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Medicine

I use only the highest quality liquid herbs which have been consistently quality tested and extracted using the highest quality extraction methods. Each individual herb is tested multiple times for the strength of the active chemical constituents so that we can always feel secure in knowing that our medicine is within therapeutic range.
I only recommend ‘practitioner only’ supplements for the same reason, the integrity of the company is important to me and my treatment outcomes. I only use the highest quality products because I can be assured of the therapeutic efficacy.

Herbs 200ml – $49

Herbs 100ml – $29

Nutritional and herbal tablets and powders range in price, but will be discussed during the consultation if they are required.

Meal planning

This is done using a database of over 2000 recipes which can be specifically set to exclude certain foods. The database is scientifically classified and creates a personalised nutrition program.

Food preparation

How to reduce sugar intake


Nicole runs workshops throughout the year, topics include-
EPIC Kids Holiday Workshops
Whole Food Dessert Master Class
Not Another Boring Salad Master Class
Eating Gluten Free
Eating Dairy Free
For more details please check out the upcoming events area at the bottom on the website.

Workshops are both informative and hands on.

Expect an experience like no other...