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03 5977 2000

5 St. Catherines Ct, Mornington, Victoria 3931

Insights - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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The Mental Health Trifecta!

Trauma. Gut issues. Neuroinflammation. These three really are the naturopathic trifecta in predicting mental health issues. Three key drivers in the downward spiral that causes relationship breakdowns, career setbacks and personal development plateaus. Each of these parts create stress within the body and together, the perfect storm.  Trauma. Just so that we are clear, trauma is not necessarily the event per say, it is what you perceive yourself to be after the event. It is about how the event changed you and the lens in which you see the world.  Let’s have an example- school! Keeping in mind that this part of our lives is rich in learning about who we are, who we perceive ourselves to be and what the world perceives us to be. So, if you are...

Are you serious? How can food impact my mood?

Can food really have an impact on your mood? Well, lets just think about that for a moment…..  If I eat sugar, I instantly feel more energetic (short term). My morning coffee brings a bit of a buzz (again, short term, unfortunately that wears off a little quickly). Also if I eat foods containing certain numbers, I lie awake half the night and have weird dreams..… TMI What if there were common foods that were impacting us daily and we didn’t even know? What if we were literally heightening anxiety or making depression even deeper with every bite? Would it be worth exploring, since we add these foods to our body every day, several times a day? Just because we can not see the immediate impact, why do we...

Discover what you want, what you need and what your “inside” voice is like by doing this ONE thing!

I can not tell you how many times I have had conversations with people (ok, mainly women) who actually are not sure about what they want, need or even enjoy doing.  Somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost pieces of ourselves. The space that was once there for hobbies like reading, going to the movies and drawing/painting/creating have been replaced with the everyday mundane stuff. (The conversation in our head goes like this- “oh, I will get around to reading/movies/creating once I have finished with the washing/dishes/extra work stuff.” OR “Oh my goodness, where did the time go, I feel like I didn't get anything done today. I will definitely read/movie/create tomorrow…”) Yeah right, that never happens. AND, have you noticed how we can...


Its the anticipation that gets us….. aaaaaaaand the bullshit stories we make up. 

  Writing this with all of the feels from dropping the kids off at school, after remote learning for six months (reads 60 years!) We were met with a familiar friend this morning…. all of us.  We each dealt with it in a different way, we used some tools, got the shits with some tools, talked about our feelings, then ignored them and then shifted through them. We did all of this in the space of about 30 minutes.  There was laughter, tears and negotiation (honestly, mainly me at 5 am, processing, negotiating, clearing and strategising.) When it comes down to it, the three of us whole heartedly felt that the biggest challenge was not the actual thing that we were doing, but the ANTICIPATION that can derail us.  What is...


What do we do when a problem has no solution?

What do we do when a problem has no solution? Many of my clients, at some stage during their care plan, will tell me that they are “excellent in an emergency.” They are focused, clear and act in a way that impresses so many around them. They can rally in the darkest of hours, pull out gargantuan strength, clarity and insight. They say the right things, extend themselves and become a pillar of strength for those around them. Then, wether they recognise it or not, there is a crash, a recovery state, a need to go within and reset.  Herein lies the problem. THIS emergency state is ongoing. We have no end date and the waiting is causing depletion. These people have been running on adrenaline for much...