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03 5977 2000

5 St. Catherines Ct, Mornington, Victoria 3931

What I do - Who I work with - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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What I do – Who I work with

How I can help improve…You

About me

If it has anything to do with anxiety, I can help.

I frequently discover, women in particular, who are actually not aware of just how much their symptoms are impacting their lives.

I am here because I want you to feel inspired to be a participant rather than spectator. I am here to help you to realise what it is that you actually want, as well as how to get it. I am here to assist you in every way that I can to improve your current state of health as well as your state of mind. I am here because I am only too familiar with these feelings because I HAVE BEEN THERE TOO!

The boring stuff- In 2002, I graduated with a Bachelor in Health Science, Naturopathy. I have spent this time really refining my clinical skills as well as my passion for evidence based herbal and nutritional medicine. During this time I have particularly been discovering who my favourite people are to work with.

Who do I work with- This is you if you find it exhausting to go out socially, feel worried about speaking up for yourself or discover that you often say no to things without really knowing why. This is you if you find that you are consistently caring for others and never putting yourself first. And this is most definitely you if you notice that you have 60,000 thoughts running through your head and you are not sure about what to do with them.

You are one of my favourite people to work with if you can not quite figure out what is holding you back. You may not have ever even thought about what you actually want in this lifetime, let alone had the gall to imagine following through with it.


Well good news my friend, if any one of these above statements sounds like you, then I would love to hear from you. Lets do this and lets get started right now. Pop on over to the BOOK HERE section to discover how you would like to get started. If you are anything like me, the thought of being able to work in the comfort of your own home may sound super appealing. No need to find a park and no need to have someone look after the kids (or the really big kid/adult in your life). Pop on over and find the right time for you.

I am a Naturopath who loves to consider all angles of strategy and management to streamline your outcome. Together we will stop anxiety from ruling your life and formulate a clear plan for maximum benefit.

Thanks to the Australian Psychological Society we now know that stress levels are at an all time peak. One in four report moderate to severe stress levels, 42% being health issues. Women have a higher level of stress than men and 64% report that stress is impacting their mental health in some way. I find this staggering! It is my mission to turn this around. Using my vast knowledge and experience as a practitioner as well as a fellow human being, I believe that this is not the way that we should be living. We need to create lasting changes and show our children as well as our childrens children, the best way to look after ourselves.

My own story of where I have come from as well as the sheer humanity of living such busy lives had lead me to create programs and straightforward strategies to help you in the best possible way.

If you are wondering if stress and anxiety is impacting your health, please head on over to the FREE State of Health Questionnaire and the Is Anxiety Impacting My Life Questionnaire to get started today.

What I do – What does a Naturopath do?

The most important message to explain is that a Naturopath will treat the cause, not the symptom, and treat the person, not the disease.

For example anxiety causes in one person could be completely different to the next. If one of your triggers is blood sugar imbalance while someone else has a high copper reading, then the treatment strategy would be completely different. This is the beauty of personalised health care.

What can you expect from a consultation?

During your initial 60 minute consultation, I use a thorough case taking process to begin to understand how your body is currently functioning. This would also involve past history of illness, family history, recent pathology results and lifestyle considerations.

From here we will begin strategising right away. At this stage, we are still building your case file and there may be requests for testing and/or further dietary information. Part of my job is helping you to understand your blood test results in order to better understand your current state of health. Using integrative pathology also enables us to actually see the changes over time.

By the end of your first consultation we will have gathered necessary information to create a plan as well as necessary steps to work the plan and measure your outcomes.
Being a busy mother of two cheeky children, I understand that life can be chaotic and any treatment plan must be simple, straight forward and effective. This is something that we discuss during your consult, together we need to make a plan that will suit you.

What do I treat?

While I have a particular passion for calming the fickle creature that is anxiety, I also have many years of experience in treating a whole range of issues.

Using evidence based nutritional and herbal medicine, dietary analysis and lifestyle counselling the aim is to find and resolve the cause of the problem.

I especially love helping people take control of their health. There is SO much that can be done on a primary care level:

Healthy weight management- I love streamlining this for my clients with access to meal planning and recipe databases.

Digestive Issues – such as bloating, heartburn, sore or tender bowel, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Pain – digestive, muscular or joint

Balancing hormones – relieve PMS (breast tenderness, sugar cravings, mood swings) support through menopause

Finding lost energy

Sleep issues

Take control of anxiety and enhance mental health

Inspiring change in our everyday diet

Assisting children (and adults) with their memory, concentration and behaviour

I have a special interest in anxiety and helping women to find effective ways to manage their lives without neglecting their own health.

We all lead such busy lives and I find women in particular, spend so much of their time in traditional roles, plus working full time. I love watching the changes over the treatment period as the women become calmer, more centred and less frazzled. I get great satisfaction out of keeping the treatment achievable while still meeting our goals and expectations.

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