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What can you do to feel better during lockdown…. - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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What can you do to feel better during lockdown….

What can you do to feel better during lockdown….

Next level changes mean next level self care.

I know what you are thinking, “self care”, what a fluffy word! 

Whatever self care is anyway! Perhaps it should be re-termed to mandatory care, daily maintenance or just….. care. 

Somewhere along the lines we have forgotten how to care for both our physical and mental selves. To some of us, self care means restoring order for the household, replenishing shopping supplies, getting on top of the washing…. doing, doing, doing. 

Since when did self care not involve BEing. Why do we always have to have something to show for our “effort.”

What would happen if you simply dedicated more time to doing what you needed to feel better, stronger and cared for?

What if, instead of begrudgingly creating new things or caring for your family or colleagues, you showed the same kindness to yourself….. What if you felt restored, rested and dare I say it….good?!?! Could you imagine how well you could serve others if you served yourself first?

Next level self care could mean next level care for others too, from the over flow rather than the empty cup. The current situation in Victoria is leading to many more people in my clinic just wanting to feel something other than despair…… So lets start at home (Where the heck else can we go, right!)

Lets do some exploring and find your own personal prescription!

  • What gives you energy? 

What do you feel better for having done? 

What shifts your mindset?

What takes you from flat to focused?

What makes you snort laugh?

All of the things are worth exploring and then finding ways of bringing more of this into your every day. 

When we move, laugh, sing or dance, our whole vibration changes. 

I know how quickly I can shift my mood just by cranking up some music. If you haven’t done this in a while, I highly suggest it. The psychology behind music therapy is incredible. It is readily accessible and frankly fun! 

Laughing also changes your own personal energetic level. I have seen those laughing circles in parks and wondered what they would be like to experience, personally I am a bit more of a solo traveller!

I love “damn you auto correct” threads or funny animal videos (this is a favourite family past time). I literally have snort laughed on my own, reading through autocorrects, while waiting for a friend at a wine bar (obviously it was a different time!) Im not sure why it hits my funny bone so hard, maybe because auto correct also hates me!!! 

  • What do you do to nourish your body?

One of my favourite ads on at the moment is the one where the subjects are having a meltdown, they are surrounded by junk food and someone comes in to offer them a piece of fruit or whole food.

Fun fact, the refined food actually does mess with your mood! Your blood sugar levels resemble a roller coaster and your body craves proper fuel. We don’t fill our petrol tanks with water and expect the same result as when we fill it with petrol, do we? 

Are you eating a whole bucketload of refined foods and expecting to feel well? 

We have all done it. First lock down, I craved all of the bread and bread like product (I don’t normally eat bread, or at least its quite rare!) The biochemistry around this is that I was craving a dopamine hit. I wanted to feel good, when I couldn’t control anything else. There is some fantastic psychology around our relationship with food and why we choose what we choose. Notice when you are searching for something from the pantry but you are not essentially hungry!

What if we shifted just a little bit. What if you just chose to add more veg to your diet? Maybe a new meal to your current recipe data base. Maybe just a new way to snack! At a cellular level, your body will high five you! 

  • How are you celebrating getting through the week?

It can be the little things at the moment! 

How are your weekends looking?

Do you have different practises on the weekends compared to the week days?

We have created a new practise on Saturdays. We all walk down to our local cafe, we each get an egg and bacon roll or a nourish bowl and then walk back. The dog gets a little cranky because our local is so good that we barely share with him, but hey! Oh and don’t get me started on the difficulties with the mask and food! lol

We often build a fire to sit around on the weekend or we find a way to all work on a project together. Hubby and I got stuck into the veggie patch on Saturday while the kids chatted to their friends, it meant that we actually talked about all of the random things. 

We had a platter delivered for the first week back to remote learning. It was incredible! A local restaurant create nibble and dessert boards

Rather than splashing into a million pieces like a drop of mercury hitting the ground, it is possible to focus on the most important things. We may even find them to be the most beautiful things we have ever seen and they have been right under our noses this whole time. 

What makes you feel calm, centred and unwavering?

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

Lets focus on feeling good, filling your weekends with joy and frankly not taking on all of the fear and uncertainty. Hold your focus on what you can control, you will feel better for it.


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