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I FINALLY took time out! Part 1 - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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I FINALLY took time out! Part 1

If you had told me a few years ago that I would go overseas, by myself, with a group of women that I had not yet met, I would have laughed!

What on earth, would make me step so far out of my comfort zone, leave my kids and hubby at home and allow myself to do this?!?

What happened while I was away, was nothing short of transformational. The learning and realisation of who I was, how I was living my life and how long I had held myself back for, was one of those “time stood still” moments. 

You see before this event, I was stuck. 

I was confined to what I thought my life “should” be. 

The gap between who I was and who the world thought I was, was huge. I didn’t really know who I was, Im still learning about that to be honest with you.

Never could I have thought by attending this event, that I could be so far from my loved ones, yet feel so much at home. 

Signing on the dotted line….

What it took for me to allow myself this first ever time away from my children was nothing short of herculean! It was a one off opportunity. 

I could go or I could miss out. 

I spent quite a bit of time deliberating over what life would look like if I went and what it would look like if I did not. I knew this was a big deal. I mean, I wasn’t just heading down the road, I was leaving the country!!!

All of the “what ifs” the “how can I’s” and the “what makes me think” questions came up. As many of you know, I live with anxiety as my default setting, its like a barometer of how well I am looking after myself. So ALL of the thoughts came up. 

I was super proud of myself for allowing the thoughts to come up and then to push them to the side. What did I WANT! I wanted to go! SO I did!

Two weeks before the flight…

I would love to report that I very smoothly went long, jumped on the plane and never looked back. BUT, that wouldn’t be the truth. 

I was very new to feeling like I was allowed to do something for myself, it was going to take a little work. 

I had the urge to clean the house from top to toe. I felt I needed to stock the fridge and freezer with ALL of the gluten free sandwiches that would be required while I was gone. I had INTENSE GUILT!


It took a virtual slap in the face, by my mentor, to realise that other people could in fact look after the children. It wasn’t up to me to fill all of the gaps all of the time. By doing these things, I was actually taking the power off my husband who is WILDLY capable. So I eased off a bit. 

The arrival…

The wobbles! It took a little bit of time to settle in. I love to travel, like LOVE it! There is a beautiful ease and flow that happens when you take yourself out of the daily confines and literally deal with what ever comes up. When I travel with my adventuring family, my head is never noisy. In fact, I am so in the moment that I am totally at peace, open to opportunities and suddenly creative again. 

When we arrived at the resort, I was oscillating between ease and flow and triggered AF. Bali has this beautiful way about it, so it is easy to sink straight into relaxation mode. However I knew that I was also on retreat to assess where I was at, observe the differences in the way that others lived and to be open to change. 

Once we all met up, there was this incredible feeling that I still can not quite describe for lack of words. We could totally just be in one another company without having to say or do anything. Now there was plenty of scrambling to talk to each other, but it was equally ok to sit and just BE. 

I had never felt like that before. 

Now what…..?

The women that I shared this experience with have continued to shape my life, so much so that we wanted to create something together for you!

As we spend time-

  • Cultivating how we want you to feel. 
  • Create the small incremental changes that are made on retreat and how to implement them at home. 
  • As well as some incredible opportunities to show up for yourself in a way that you never have before, we want to keep you in the loop!

Should this feel like something that has sparked an interest in you, simply click on the link below to keep up to date. 

Tickets will be released in time and you will be first to hear about them.

If it is finally time to consider your current health status, lets chat! FREE 20 minute call to gain personal insight on where to start.


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