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Dependancy on substances to fall asleep. - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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Dependancy on substances to fall asleep.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I used to feel almost dependant on a substance to fall asleep. 

It was in my teens and I literally used to just lie awake until somewhere near 4 am. Three hours of sleep was not enough! 

I would lie awake at night making deals with myself, “If I fall asleep now I will at least get 5 hours, thats ok!” Thirty minutes later, the same thoughts, the same deals. It was relentless. 

While Im not proud of what followed, it was simply the truth, rather than ask for help, I discovered a different solution. One weekend, a friend offered me some weed, not for my sleep issues, just for fun. This felt like the discovery of the century for me when I noticed that it made me sleepy. Considering what else was on offer around me, I felt like this wasn’t a bad choice. 

As time went on, I would use it up to three nights a week for around six months. I didn’t really know what else to try. I didn’t feel like I could ask anyone, my friends didn’t know what to do and the adults around me had much larger problems than this. 

Fast forward to now and I see countless women basically doing the same thing. OK, its not the odd bit of weed, but they are definitely using something to help them wind down. Its possibly the most socially accepted “drug” on the market! 

Its alcohol. 

First, I see women using caffeine to get the motivation they need throughout the day and alcohol to wind down and relax. Its an incredibly common story! Also quite a vicious cycle.

Heres the problem with alcohol though, it actually impacts the quality of your sleep. Next you need to reach for more caffeine to get through the day, which winds you up, leading to more dependancy on alcohol to calm you down in the evening. 

Top tip, reduce your caffeine and have at least a few alcohol free days! 

Small changes can produce big outcomes. 

This is of course just one of the many topics that we work through in our Sleep Masterclass Workshops. 

If you have been struggling with sleep, check out when the next workshop is on, what have you got to lose! (No more sleep anyway!)

Maybe you would just like to have a chat about the long list of other things that impact your sleep.


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