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Mood, Cognition and Gene Symposium- top five tips - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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Mood, Cognition and Gene Symposium- top five tips

So much EPIC information, here are todays insights.

Oh my goodness, with all of the excitement of getting to Sydney for the annual Bioceuticals 7th Research Symposium on Mood, Genes and Cognition, I actually forgot to release the latest version of Calf AF Express. 

Its interesting because I have created this program from a place of both need and alignment with my bigger picture, to relieve the heaviness of stress and anxiety in our everyday lives. In hind sight, I held off releasing the details because I have once again added even more value!

For those of you who do not know what a Symposium is, it is an opportunity for delegates to listen to the latest research and break throughs in an open forum. There were over 300 of us all hanging on every word of Dr. Brock, Dr. Mensah, Dr. Bredesen, Dr. Lombard and Amanda Archibald. 

Topics included what happens to the body, mind and gut after a brain injury (including concussion, and head trauma), we also looked at triggers and treatment for Alzheimers and Dementia. We looked at how gut pathogens play a huge role in kick starting inflammation in the body and left unmitigated how they quickly create neurotoxicity in the brain. We also looked at external and environmental contributors to our mood and cognition. Every one of these lectures had an underlying theme. 

I particularly enjoyed looking at how genetics plays a huge role in how we may or may not respond to things like biotoxins, mould and other neuroexcitotoxicity. My mind was blown several times over as some of the researchers turned old theories on their head and challenged us to always think outside of the box. The undercurrent was not to teach us what to think, but teach us HOW to think. 


Already I have begun using the research and contacting clients who I know will benefit from the latest information that is circling in my mind. 

Here are my top 5 takeaways-

1- To live a happy, healthy life, we need meaningful connection. 

This was really no surprise, however when the data showed that those in the Blue Zones were connected to their community, cared for by their family and had friendships that lasted practically a lifetime, it really hit home. 

At a time that society is really easily connected via social media, the down fall is that we are socially disconnected in person. Our relationships are fractured due to our tech being attached to our hands. We have lost the ability to make small talk, eye contact and to REALLY see people. 

2- Brains are important but minds are more important. 

Our ability to adapt knowledge and integrate our learnings through our own lens is what sparks creativity and dynamic concepts. After sitting in awe and watching some of the incredible doctors communicate what they do as well as how and why they do it, I realise that every individual has something unique to bring to the table. 

When I work closely with my gorgeous anxiety people, part of what motivates me to support them so well is the knowing that there is so much more to them than their “limitations”. 

One particular doctor discussed how he labels himself as a quilter. He has several doctorates and he uses all of his knowledge from different parts of medicine to diagnose and create his treatment. He is the only one in the world who can do that!! 

Imagine what YOU might be capable of if you were not being defined by your anxiety and limited my your MASSIVE potential. 

3- Sleep is our greatest anti inflammatory!

Just like a computer, we function better when we shut down each day. We actually reset our metabolic system and allow our body to detoxify and reset. 

So if sleep is an issue for you, we need to get onto that  pretty fast! Feel free to contact me for the fastest way to improve your sleep. 

4- From 40 years old, our brain starts to decline!!!!!

What is even more frightening is the cases of early onset dementia in women aged 50. This is due to poor adrenal function at the onset of menopause and a sequence of events that happen after that. 

If you are constantly tired, your hormones are all over the place and you are gaining weight around your middle, it might be worth looking into this sooner rather than later.

5- If you already have an unhealthy gut, for goodness sake, NEVER hit your head!

Seriously though, a decent knock to the head opens the Blood Brain Barrier for 2-6 hours allowing all sorts of interesting cross contamination. We actually have a susceptibility to neuroimmunity for a further 14-28 days and we can have a significant immune response for 12-16 weeks after concussion. 

The connection between the gut and the brain is so incredibly complex, however the data shows that if you are having cognitive issues, you most likely also have digestive issues. 

So those are my top five from the INCREDIBLE amount of information from the weekend. I am about to go through my notes again this weekend, so I will have some further updates on those next week. 

Many of the main take home lessons have been implemented in the first ever LIVE version of Calm AF Express and I am SO excited to get started on May 20th. 


You can get further information here- Calm AF Express


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