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Overwhelm Hack 101 - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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Overwhelm Hack 101

What is it with women! We feel like we need to do all of the things. Some of us work full time, manage to pick up the kids, ferry them around, organise play dates, plan and shop for the week, tidy the house, wash the clothes, provide support for our families…. I feel exhausted just thinking about it.
We feel overwhelmed, under acknowledged and bloody tired.

The thing is, we have taken on all of these roles because we believe that we can do ALL of the things, and we can, but it is not supposed to be at our own detriment.
I was feeling scattered, impatient and frankly like a crappy parent. I was resentful that my kids lived like they were on holidays while I followed them around cleaning up the trail of mess in their wake. I was frustrated if they would complain about the meal I had prepared or lunches that I had lovingly carved into shapes to make life more fun.
Everyone was having more fun, but not me.

It has taken me a VERY long time to realise that I actually do not have to be the one who physically does ALL of the jobs. It was time that the kids contributed more in our family and more importantly to their meals. I believe in building healthy practices and consistently showing up for yourself even when you don’t want to. (Its true that some mornings the kids wingeing is enough for me to want to go back on my word, but it is important to stay strong.)


The solution-
On a large piece of paper, brain dump all of the things that you are responsible for and all of the jobs that you contribute to in the house.

Your list could include work, cooking, washing, cleaning, school run, lawn mowing, gardening, lunches, shopping….

Now highlight the jobs in the house that ONLY YOU can do. This means that there is no way that anyone else ANYWHERE can do this job.
Not only have you realised how much you do, it is time to acknowledge the massive amount of effort it takes to get those done. So go ahead and sit with that for a moment, and if no one else has said it to you lately, THANK YOU.

So what is left?
Who can contribute to these items?
Could the kids make their own lunch, could you have someone come in and clean the house each fortnight? (I can not tell you the relief I feel when I come home to a clean house. Thursdays are my favourite days!) Can someone come to do the gardening for you?
Pick the job you hate most and hand it over to someone else.
I had a friend who despised taking the rubbish out. Despised it! Once she handed it over to someone else, that little act of knowing it was no longer her responsibility made her feel lighter.


My personal handovers-
Yes, shock horror, I have my house cleaned each fortnight, I have no guilt about this, it is a job that I do not have to do.
My kids make their own lunches and they contribute to cleaning up their own mess.
I am not a maid, they are not on permanent holidays…..
My kids assist with dinner, they are in charge of building a salad each night or chopping veg.
My kids are also, most importantly, in charge of their time in the morning. Only when ALL of their tasks are complete can they play. This makes them feel like they have more play time because it is a large chunk rather than a stolen 5-10 minutes here and there. They also learn how to manage their time.


The take home message-
Accept help.
It can be paid or otherwise but accept help!
You want to do all of the things because you care SO much, but honestly it is robbing you of joy.
I want to see you happy, calm and energetic.

If this post has helped you and you think it could help others, please share. It is my mission to change the way we are living and feeling. I want our lives to be calm.

If you would like to chat about this or any other health matter, feel free to get in touch on the link below.


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