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Why I love the anxious mind! - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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Why I love the anxious mind!

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of the anxious mind are? I bet you didn’t think there were any! Well you would be so incredibly wrong.
The anxious mind is a brain that cares. So. Deeply.


Exploring every avenue.

This beautiful mind has so many thoughts.
I like to think of this like a super power. This mind doesn’t just have one simple thought, it explores ALL of the things pertaining to the one initial thought. Sometimes repeatedly. This is an incredible asset when it is balanced. When there is calm within the body, the anxious mind is an absolute strength.


When there is calm?

These many thoughts are multi faceted, they are creative, they are inquisitive and they are incredibly complex. Yes they can include the feeling of fear and worry in an unbalanced state, but those are feelings, lets look at the mechanics for now. This beautiful mind thinks of all of the things. These are the people that you want to be friends with. They are the types of people who will explore all of the pros and cons of any adventure. Be it business, holidays, friendships. They have analysed the ups and downs, the left to right and the inside and outside. This is the nature of their mind.


The greatest friends!

The anxious mind makes for the most incredibly thoughtful friend. Since their thoughts come thick and fast, you can be sure that they have not only analysed the way that they are feeling, but possibly the way you are feeling too. The anxious mind has incredible empathy as they have thought of all of the different scenarios so they have likely thought about what you might be thinking too. They notice all of the things. They have already wondered if you are too warm, too cold, hungry, thirsty and it goes on and on and on.
This amazing anxious mind will notice when their friend is not quite right. They will notice when their friends body is not feeling right or question you if you seem just a little off. This is because they care, so very deeply. This makes them one of the most loyal and attentive friends. They may choose to only keep a few close friends, but those friends feel like the most incredible people in the world, as they feel so deeply known and cared for.
Empathy is such an understated strength and it is often found in those with an anxious mind. Most of the reasoning here is because they can easily imagine themselves in the same or similar situation. They easily see each angle and can provide valuable support simply by using this valuable tool. This helps their friends and family to feel heard and supported.


Who do you know who fits this description?

I wonder if these traits sound like you or someone you know! Is your beautiful mind in a calm balanced state or is it frantic and overactive, causing feelings of frustration, tension, fear and worry?
Do you think about every angle with practically every decision to be made? Perhaps to the point where you can talk yourself out of a decision. Maybe it is beginning to impact your life and the choices you now make.
Do you find that you can be indecisive?
Have you noticed that thoughts are consistently running through your head?
Do you find it difficult to figure out which thought to go with which leaves you feeling tired and overwhelmed?

An anxious mind is an absolute asset, when your body is calm. What happens if it is not?

What do I do if my body is not calm and I feel tired, tense, wired, impatient and frustrated all of the time?
This is an excellent time to seek support yourself. While this beautiful brain is an absolute asset, it can have the absolute opposite effect if you are in an unbalanced state. It may be time to ask yourself how you want to feel. Is it time to bring some balance, feel calm, relaxed and inspired. Do you even know what calm feels like?

Did you know that a highly refined diet, chemical imbalances and an overload of a certain mineral can be a trigger for anxiety. I love supporting anxiety because I have been there before too and I am constantly aware of how my stress levels can trigger those feelings if I am not paying attention.
You can read all about this here- or here

Maybe its time you seeked support too.

Have a free 20 minute chat with Nicole to see if Naturopathic treatment would benefit you.



  • furtdso linopv
    October 10, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    Very interesting subject, appreciate it for posting.

  • brazzers
    January 4, 2019 at 4:52 am

    Your article seems to suggest that introverts struggle with leadership roles “put in a position to lead or instruct can send us into a panic” – I actually find that quite offensive. Introverts are not necessarily bad presenters, leaders or instructors, likewise, being an extrovert does not make you good at those things.

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