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I didn't know you did that.... - Nicole Topp - Naturopath
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I didn’t know you did that….

It was my 20 year high school reunion a little while ago and it was really cool to catch up with a group of locals and some not so local! (A few of them I didn’t even know were still in the area, the Peninsula is not that big, how could I have missed them!)

After a whole lot of small talk, there were many conversations about family, travel and what career paths we have chosen. It was really interesting to hear about changes in career choice as well as those who have been in their professions for a long period of time.
What was really interesting for me was that many people had seen my work and some of them I had seen in clinic. Many of my high school mates had been kind enough to comment on how I had helped them make some changes to their lives through something as simple as motivation and telling it like it is.
Can I tell you, that feeling, THAT is why I love what I do, knowing that I have made a difference somewhere to someones life, its bigger than big. Its amazing, the ripple effect of that change, no matter how big or small, absolutely sustains me in this business. Not to mention the knock on effect to the lives of their families when they inspire others to do the same through action.
From a professional stand point, what I found even more interesting is that even though I am easily found on Facebook, (personally and professionally), there were still a couple of local people who did not know what I do. The majority of our conversations went like this-

Classmate- Hey, yes, I heard you were a Naturopath, my sister/brother/father/child has had excellent results with a Naturopath for their PMS/IBS/arthritis/food intolerance or anxiety….
Me- Cool, yeah, we are pretty amazing hey! 😉

There was, however, another type of conversation with those who had no idea about what a Naturopath does. They knew a little about “alternative health care” and its benefits but had no idea about what a Naturopath actually does or how we improve body systems functioning. I found this to be really interesting too and I was really grateful to have the conversation. That conversation went a little like this-

Classmate- So whats a “Nature path”, did you study nature and stuff? How does that help your health? Is that massage? I thought you did massage…
Me- Well, nature comes into it, absolutely, we use herbal medicine to support the body and to assist its function rather than blocking the response. Lets think about this for a minute, have you ever stood on a prickle, (it hurts right, causes pain), then hobbled inside, taken a panadol and left it alone?
Classmate- Uh no, I would pull the prickle out first.
Me- That makes total sense! So a Naturopath finds the cause (in this case the prickle) and addresses it. So rather than treat purely the pain, which is the symptom, we find the cause of the pain and do our best to remove it. This is one of the primary principles, treat that cause, not the symptom.
Classmate- So if I have a prickle in my foot, I should come and see you?
Me- Im pretty sure you can handle a prickle, but if your experiencing symptoms that are impacting the way you live, lets assess what could be going wrong. Its my job to help decipher which of your systems need support using functional pathology and lots of questioning.
Classmate- Thats actually pretty cool! I didn’t know you did that!
Me- Absolutely, it IS pretty cool…

So my take home lesson from my high school reunion was that I realised that for the past 16 years in practise, I had been predominantly talking about the results that I get on my massage table.
Thats just the tip of the iceberg! From now on you will see much more about how I help in consultation. Like people who have spent years suffering with headaches and popping neurofen like tic tacs, to realising that “Hey, I didn’t buy a packet while I was shopping this week!” Or people who come in feeling like they are loosing their mind with so many tabs open in their heads to “Oh, I actually got everything done today without getting frustrated and loosing my patience with my children.” I just love seeing and hearing about these changes in people because they truly feel supported and understood.

So you will be hearing more about these moments in my clinic because it may just inspire you to make those changes that you know you need to make. If you need help with this, you know where to find me…..


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